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MADISON BAY HOLDINGS, Inc. is a Service Company That Provides A Variety Of Services Around Business Development and Merger And Acquisitions. The main emphasis of MBH over the last 35 years has been in the Marine and Recreation industries. MBH does not exclude other industries.  MBH engages in business development involving Social Media, Content Based Marketing and in Supplements and Health and Wellness.

Over the past three decades MADISON BAY HOLDINGS, Inc. has provided services to boat manufacturers, retail boat dealers, distributors and other companies. Services are provided on a contract basis to companies that range from an established prestige growth oriented company or a start up or restructure resulting from a change of ownership or bankruptcy.

MADISON BAY HOLDINGS, Inc. specializes in providing services that will allow for growth and increased sales or distribution through the establishment of necessary financing, execution of business strategies, acquisition, merger, or diversification. The results provide reduced risk, financial stability, competitive programs and increased sales.

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MBH Provides The Following

Business Development Servicesnorthern-marine-L20670

1. Merger And Acquisitions

2. Financial Services

3. Venture Capital Procurement


4. Capital Formation

5. Direct Sales

6. Marketing and Management Consulting


7. Product Development

        • Yacht Boat Design and Development
        • Health and Wellness Products – Supplements
        • Recreational Vehicle Development

Companies and Brands Under DevelopmentSealine-logo

1. Westship World Yachts

2. Summit Coach and The Stiletto

3. Scientific Formulation – The Formulation

4. Odyssey Catamaran Yachts

5. Sealine Yachts




Our featured projects are listed below…

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Westship Yachts, LLC is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company is an established, prestige manufacturer of mega yachts.

The 38-foot Stiletto fifth-wheel is not only shaped radically different from any other trailer.

Most marketing is brute force marketing. It comes down to the equation that if enough people are presented with your product or service then you’ll get x-percent return on that investment.