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  1. Mold & Plug Design CAD design and Construction
  2. Engineering Services including:
  • Hydrostatics-Trim, List & Stability Analysis
  • Project Management Services including Bill of Materials, Scheduling, Product Engineering and Support Services
  • Full Scale Mock Ups
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering including Molds & Plugs & Digital Scanning.

Madison Bay Composites (MBC) was formed in conjunction with Chris Mason, an extremely talented and experienced engineer, designer and project manager specializing in the field of Composite FRP & Graphite products along with plugs and molds used to produce finished Composite FRP & Graphite boats or other products.  The combination of the background and talents of Mr. Mason and Mr. Ruelos provide a unique and valued combination.

While Mr. Mason brings to the company a depth of engineering and design expertise, Mr. Ruelos provides a background of over 35 years of hands on experience with the early development of Composite FRP & Graphite products.  Mr. Ruelos was one of the original shareholders of O’Brien Water Sports when the company produced water skis that were manufactured using wood, cold presses and basic wood working equipment and tools.

While working directly with the founder Herb O’Brien a rare opportunity and experience occurred as O’Brien Skis transitioned from a wood manufacturer to the leading company producing Composite FRP & Graphite water skis.  During those early years when snow skis,  tennis rackets and even golf clubs were in the early stages of transitioning from their original wood manufacturing techniques Herb and Ricardo worked directly in the O’Brien factory with aerospace engineers that worked directly for Boeing or as sub-contractors or suppliers.

This was a period of virtual “pioneering” of a variety of Composite FRP, Graphite, injection molding and a variety of manufacturing processes.  O’Brien was one of the first companies along with K-2 Skis that developed sophisticated high volume production processes such as Compression Molding or Injection Molding.  The injection molding process was used to produce hardware used to mount the bindings on the water skis.  Laminated honeycomb and Graphite Composite jump and trick skis were produced using the same technology and processes that produced the wings and fuselage on many Boeing Jets were also developed and these processes are still used today.

High volume water skis were produced using Compression Molding processes that are still used to produce wake boards, wake surf boards and of course still water skis as well.  These systems and processes today are capable of producing over 300 wake boards and wake surf boards per day.  In the years following the development of these Composite FRP & Graphite processes many other sporting goods companies adopted similar methods to produce Composite FRP & Graphite tennis rackets, hockey sticks and of course snow boards.

Mr. Mason has directly engineered and developed or been instrumental in a variety of sophisticated Composite FRP & Graphite products. Chris has also designed and manufactured his own proprietary “Multi-Axis C&C Machine” that allows for the ability to produce “plugs” and molds for boats, automobiles, aerospace products, RV’s and any Composite FRP & Carbon Fiber products.  Mr. Mason has actually developed the plugs and molds for an exotic, high end, luxury sports car known as the GDT Speedster.  Several of these vehicles has been produced using Mr. Mason’s plugs and molds and have been sold at the world famous Barret Jackson Automobile Auctions for over $200,000.  Mr. Mason has also engineered, designed and produced plugs, molds and finished parts for various prestigious boat companies, including Intrepid and Jupiter Boats.  Mr. Mason is also continually engineering and designing new models and molds for Cape Dory Cruisers.

Capitalizing on the combined talents of Mr. Mason and Mr. Ruelos and incorporating the “3 Axis C&C Machine” developed by Mr. Mason a variety of services will be offered to companies in need of new molds or engineering, design or CAD drawings and assistance to develop new models.  Due to the vast and combined background of both Mr. Mason and Mr. Ruelos within the boat manufacturing industry the prime customer targets will be boat manufacturers.

Madison Bay Composites generates revenue through contract services that will be provided mostly to boat manufacturers to produce plugs, molds or finished parts for new or existing boat models.  Added revenue will be generated through the marketing of “Proprietary Products” that will be designed and produced by MBC.  Currently MBC is starting to market a series of products including Carbon Fiber aftermarket automotive parts starting with a “Spoiler”, and rear and front “Wing” for the Gen 5 and Gen 6 Camaro Sports car. that has been designed and developed by Mr. Mason.

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