Real X Trailers

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High grade aluminum

Highest grade Aluminum I-Beams results in a solid long-lasting trailer.

Stainless steel hardware

Stainless steel hardware including U-Bolts and fasteners. We don’t cut corners, we use what we would use on our own trailers.

Torsion axles

American-made and specifically to support your boat as if it were ours.

Submersible led lights

The only way to go. Submersible LED lighting is standard on all of our boat trailers.


15 years of trailer manufacturing and a life-time of living on the water has led us to create a new art form, your trailer… Many customized options are available. Your desires are imperative to the end-product. Let us know exactly what you want.


We don’t cut corners. Boat trailers are either mass-produced “built cheaply” or done the right way. We only use high-quality aluminum, stainless steel hardware and US made products. It may not be “rocket science” but it is “trailer science.”


We take pride in our vessels (My wife calls it a “boat”, I call it “my vessel”). Therefore, we take pride in building a beautiful trailer to properly and safely transport your vessel. Strong, tough and beautiful. Built the right way… to perfection, as if it were ours.

The best built boat trailers period…

Real X Trailers has been building quality, reliable and beautiful customized boat trailers since 2002. We proudly manufacture boat trailers for many boat manufacturers, boat dealers, and private customers. As a family owned and operated business, we are located in Miami, Florida and have a strong business presence in the southeast United States.
We also ship nation-wide and internationally. Real X Trailers builds quality aluminum trailers designed for salt water applications.
We take pride in our product and stand behind it. After all, our product represents our love for boating and our commitment to building a boat trailer specifically for you that compares to none other.

Our non-wavering guiding principles:

Building a reliable safe product
Commitment to our clients and their needs
Standing behind our product at all times through a solid warranty program
Providing custom-fitted trailers
Build a product we would be proud to call our own
We are grateful to our customers for their trust and support. We look forward to serving you.
Our customers know that “Those who know, choose Real X”!

We Build Real X trailers just like we build our own personal trailers. They are engineered to provide an unsurpassable towing experience.  A variety of options are available so feel free to let us know what your needs are and we do our very best to ensure your custom trailer is made “just the way you want it”…

When ordering your trailer keep the following in mind:

  • Boat Length including the engine mount

  • Boat weight needs to include engine(s), fuel, gear and any factory added options that the builder did not include in its boat weight. Don’t forget to add these additional items to properly determine the capacity of your trailer

  • Aluminum trailers will experience virtually no corrosion and are somewhat lighter in weight. They perform extremely well in salt water. We wouldn’t own a galvanized trailer and therefore, wouldn’t build one for you either.

  • Single or Tandem Axle trailers are available on all models 18’ long and larger. If you plan to do a lot of long distance driving, consider choosing a tandem trailer for the safety it provides in case of a tire failure.

  • Single axle trailers are lighter in weight and easier to maneuver however, their weight capacities are less.

  • Tandem models can carry more weight but are somewhat more difficult to back-up.

The State of Florida requires brakes on all axles of any trailer with a G.V.W.R. of 3000 lbs. or more. This means the combined weight of the boat, trailer and all equipment being towed. Most other states have similar laws. When selecting a trailer for your needs, be sure you comply with these legal statutes.  ANY TRAILERS ORDERED THAT DO NOT COMPLY WITH FLORIDA LAW SHOULD NOT BE TOWED ON PUBLIC ROADS. You accept ACCEPT ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR USE OF THE TRAILER.

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