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Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. is a service company that provides a variety of services involving Business Development, Merger & Acquisitions, Marketing and Sales. The main emphasis of MBH over the last 35 years has been in the Marine and Recreation industries. MBH does not exclude other industries.  MBH engages in business development involving Social & Digital Media and Content Based Marketing.

Over the past three decades Madison Bay Holdings has provided services to boat manufacturers, retail boat dealers, distributors and other companies. Services are provided on a contract basis to companies that range from an established prestige growth oriented company or a startup or restructure resulting from a change of ownership or bankruptcy.

Madison Bay Holdings specializes in providing services that will allow for growth and increased sales or distribution through the establishment of necessary financing, execution of business strategies, acquisition, merger, or diversification. The results provide reduced risk, financial stability, competitive programs and increased sales.

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MBH Provides The Following Business Development Services

  1. Merger & Acquisitions
  2. Financial Services
  3. Venture Capital Procurement
  4. Capital Formation
  5. Direct Sales
  6. Marketing and Management Consulting
  7. Product Development
    • Yacht Boat Design, Development and Sales
    • Recreational Vehicle Development
    • Composite FRP & Graphite Carbon Fiber Mold Development and manufacture

Companies and Brands Under Development-Current Projects

  • Ventura Sport Boats 

In addition to generating revenue from the services listed MBH generates added revenue through separate divisions owned by MBH or projects listed below:

The companies listed below are owned and operated as separate divisions of Madison Bay Holdings:

  • Cape Dory Cruisers
  • Contagious Web Marketing
  • Madison Bay Composites
  • Stiletto & Summit Coach Recreational Vehicles

Our featured projects are listed below…

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The Stiletto

Contagious Web Marketing

Cape Dory Cruisers

Madison Bay Composites

Cape Dory Asset Management & Yacht Charter Group

Madison Bay Holdings has provided a variety of business development or sales services to the following companies:

Previous Projects

Madison Bay Holdings in conjunction with Ricardo Ruelos served as CEO of Westship World Yachts during 2012 through 2015.  See:  Resume-Ricardo Ruelos

During 2011 through 2014 Madison Bay Holdings in conjunction with Ricardo Ruelos provided services to Sealine Yachts and served as Vice President of Asian & North American Sales.  See:  Resume-Ricardo Ruelos

In 2013 Madison Bay Holdings provided venture capital to Northern Marine and secured an option to acquire the company.  MBH later determined not to exercise the option to acquire Northern Marine due to concerns regarding the financial and management credibility of the company.

O’Brien Water Sports–  Ricardo Ruelos was one of the original shareholders of O’Brien Water Sports and served as Vice President during the foundation of the company and early growth years.  O’Brien grew to become the leading company within the water sports industry capturing a 65% market share during Mr. Ruelos management involvement.  O’Brien was ultimately sold to Coleman Sports and continues as a leading brand within the water sports and marine industry.

MBH has been a business development company for more than 35 years. Originally headquartered in Seattle, MBH is owned and operated by marine industry veteran Ricardo Ruelos and has work with MasterCraft boats.

Middle East Oil–  During the period 2005 through 2009 Madison Bay Holdings operated as an Over the Counter public company.  The public entity was sold in 2009 to Middle East Oil and Ricardo Ruelos continued to serve as CEO and Chairman.