Contagious Web Marketing

screen-capture-32Most marketing is brute force marketing. It  comes down to the equation that if enough people are presented with your product or service then you’ll get x-percent return on that investment. You are asked to spend your money on solutions that go away. The returns are fleeting. With Content Based Marketing your content is proven to be downloaded time and time again long after you thought it to be useful to your market. With content marketing you even have a chance of going viral. 


Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer bases.” – Wikipedia


Create Content –> Get Traffic –> Make Sales!

Have a blog written to solve a problem, or tell the story of a particular problem and people download it and share it. This keeps them involved with your business or product. We used to just think about people through your door, now we add the value of people to your website. We understand that word of mouth is now about how much is my content shared with social media. Two individuals sharing their affinity for a video that is relevant to them is now as valuable as a test drive or friends hanging out in the mall. Brute force marketers tell you that it’s all about the numbers. We can show that people coming to you for relevant content leads to sales and brand loyalty. This is loyalty that creates currency you can use to increase your business. In the 1980s and 1990s it was the mall, then it was the online store, now the most social place on the Internet exists anywhere people share your content. If you have static and marketing heavy content, you’ll be overlooked. It’s really that simple.


Six Ways Content Based Marketing will increase engagement with your site by 25% to 50%:
1) Solve the problem of Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. Blog content gets shared via the Internet creating links back to your site. Blog content is high in keywords that search engines are looking to index. Blog content is always new and current. These 3 characteristics of blog content help blogs perform well on Search Engines.
2) Increase product and brand awareness through informative and entertaining storytelling.
3) Provide an ever changing content-first design, so your site never goes stale.
4) Compel your site’s visitors to come back again and again for rich and entertaining content.
5) Archive your content with a Content Management System and let it work for you long after other marketing efforts have fallen off. The larger your content stream database the better your ROI will be on your content marketing efforts.
6) Avoid having your website become a dead zone.


What We Do For You?

We help you use content to create meaningful and engaging traffic on your website. We produce content such as blogs, video and video channels, how to manuals, white papers, Social Media, user content, owner content and more to create the expectation and delievery for content on your website. We can convert your website into a content management system (CMS) that facilitates effective distribution of your content through publishing, sharing and archiving. By creating a content stream out of your once static website, we help you build and leverage social currency with your market.