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Company Overview
Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK: MDBY)(“Madison Bay Holdings”) was originally known as, and did business as, Summit Coaches, Inc. The name was changed to represent the fact that Madison Bay Holdings is now in the recreational vehicle business, including boats RV’s and leisure products. On June 1, 2005, Summit Coaches acquired Madison Bay Marine Development, a Washington company. As a result of this transaction, Ricardo Ruelos was named CEO, and the corporate headquarters relocated to Seattle, Washington.

Currently Madison Bay Holdings owns the molds, equipment, designs and trademarks of Summit Coaches, which includes a 38-foot recreational vehicle. This RV is a fully developed production model used for demonstration and marketing. The existing “Stiletto” RV project continues to be developed under the Summit Coaches name, as a division of Madison Bay. Summit Coaches specializes in manufacturing, marketing and selling upscale and feature oriented Recreational Vehicle (RV) trailers that appeal to the more sophisticated customer with a taste for quality. Madison Bay Holdings will focus on growing its RV division through the acquisition of manufacturing and distribution contracts, and focused national and international sales. Madison Bay Holdings has the rights to manufacture and distribute the 38-foot state of the art “Stiletto” that premiered at the national RV show in St Louis last year.

Madison Bay Holdings also provides a variety of financial, merger & acquisition, marketing, and sales consulting services to boat manufacturers, retail boat dealers, distributors and other leisure product companies. These services provide increase sales and profits to leading boat, recreational vehicle, leisure product, and water sport companies.

On June 1, 2005 Madison Bay Holdings acquired the exclusive marketing and distribution rights worldwide for Warlock Power Boats. Madison Bay Holdings also owns the exclusive first right of refusal to acquire Warlock Power boats. Warlock is a division of Tiffany Limousines, Inc. the second largest limousine manufacturer in the world. Warlock boats have been manufactured in Southern California over the past twenty-five years and are recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of “Exceptionally Featured”, or “High Performance” offshore boats in the world. Warlock boats have won numerous world championships and currently maintain a number of existing world records. Warlock manufactures a complete line of Mono Hull, or V-bottom boats, ranging from 21 feet to 38 feet in length. Warlock is also one of the leading manufacturers of catamaran boats ranging from 22 feet to 36 feet in length.

Warlock boats are some of the fastest, high-quality boats in the world and range in price from $40,000 to $340,000.

The Market
Madison Bay Holdings manufactures products that are in a less competitive space than with larger mainstream companies and is positioning itself to be a leading specialty manufacturer. A specific example would be Warlock Power Boats. While the boat industry is very competitive in the “mainstream” sectors, Warlock is involved in a “boutique” sector consider to be “Exceptionally Featured” or “High Performance” Luxury Offshore Cruisers. Madison Bay Holdings maintains a competitive advantage in the fact that for thirty-five years Madison Bay Holdings’s management has marketed a number of products and established several worldwide dealer networks for boat manufacturers and leisure product companies. Madison Bay Holdings believes it has a competitive advantage in its ability to arrange commercial inventory financing (flooring), working capital, and other sources of financing. Madison Bay Holdings has extensive knowledge and strong relationships with prime financing institutions that are key to the success of Madison Bay Holdings This includes GE Capital, Textron Finance, Bank of America, Well Fargo Bank, Key Bank and others.

Madison Bay Holdings’s management team is skilled in drafting and executing marketing and sales programs to increase distribution, sales and profits. Madison Bay Holdings has established business and personal relationships a substantial number of retail dealers throughout the world.

As a manufacturer and/or distributor of boats, recreational vehicles and other leisure products, Madison Bay Holdings will develop business opportunities through the establishment of dealer networks.

There are over 8,000 boat dealers and service outlets throughout the United States, and over 1,000 more in Canada and other countries internationally. Madison Bay Holdings has had contact, or conducted business, with many of these outlets over the past thirty-five years.

Madison Bay Holdings intends to establish dealers in “key markets” throughout the US, Canada, and other countries to establish broad market penetration in the first phase of development. These dealers will be selected to build brand recognition and consumer demand on a national and worldwide basis. As production capacity increases then dealers will be added to supplement the original market.

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