Company History Madison Bay Holdings, Inc.

We are Madison Bay Holdings, a company committed to producing exceptional, high quality recreational products, including RV’s, boats, and leisure marine products.

Madison Bay Holdings has grown from it’s years of consulting in the Leisure and Marine Industries to a Manufacturing and Distribution Company. Our efforts are focused on the successful completion of every task and business opportunity that we undertake and believe that success is achieved by building upon the success of the past.

Madison Bay Holdings, with the acquisition of Summit Coaches, is dedicated to the manufacturing, development, and distribution of the “Stiletto” 5th wheel coach under the Summit Coaches name, as the Recreational Vehicle (RV) division of Madison Bay Holdings. The Stiletto is an upscale and feature-oriented 5th wheel trailer that appeals to the more sophisticated customer with a taste for quality. Madison Bay Holdings will grow its RV division through the acquisition of manufacturing and distribution contracts, and focused national and international sales.

On June 1, 2005, Madison Bay Holdings acquired the exclusive marketing and distribution rights to market and sell Warlock Power Boats. Warlock is a division of Tiffany Limousines, Inc., the second largest limousine manufacturer in the world. Warlock boats have been manufactured in Southern California over the past twenty-five years and are recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of “Exceptionally Featured” or “High Performance” offshore boats in the world.

Madison Bay Holdings also provides a variety of financial, merger & acquisition, marketing, and sales consulting services to boat manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and leisure product/water sport companies.

Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. is in the recreational vehicle and marine business. Madison Bay Holdings owns the molds, equipment, designs and trademarks of Summit Coaches, which includes a 38-foot recreational vehicle (RV). This RV is a fully-developed production model used for demonstration and molding purposes. The “Stiletto” RV project continues to be developed by Summit Coaches, the division of Madison Bay Holdings that specializes in manufacturing, marketing and selling upscale and feature-oriented Recreational Vehicle (RV) trailers.

Madison Bay Holdings’ marine division owns the rights to distribute Warlock Power Boats throughout the United States and Canada, and is currently developing a dealer network for warlock.

We believe that the foundation of a successful manufacturing company is based on sales. Manufacturing of the “Stiletto” coach will initially use contract manufacturing at established boat building facilities incorporating high-end custom interiors found in luxury yachts. A limited, initial production run will be fabricated to provide dealers the opportunity to display a series of fully complete production models. As sales dictates demand, permanent facilities will be established.

Madison Bay Holdings will assist our dealers in obtaining and developing financing and marketing programs to facilitate their entry in this market.

Madison Bay Holdings believes companies should invest for future competitiveness; have a long-term perspective; maintain their business focus; manage the balance sheet as well as the income statement; make strategic decisions and take advantage of opportunities; motivate their employees by giving them a stake in the business; and build for the future through prudent capital investment, research and development, and new product marketing.

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