Business Development Overview

Over the past three decades MADISON BAY HOLDINGS, Inc. through the founder and President, Ricardo Ruelos has provided a variety of services to boat manufacturers, retail boat dealers, distributors and other leisure product companies. Services are provided on a contract basis to companies that range from an established prestige growth oriented company or a start up or restructure resulting from a change of ownership or bankruptcy. The services provided by MADISON BAY HOLDINGS center around a combination of services to maintain a strong involvement in the overall business development and growth of the company. The services are very often involved in the financing of the company including the structuring, or increase in working capital. The services may also include a restructure of the overall capital formation, infusion of new capital, private loans, merger, acquisition, or ultimate sale of a portion, or all of the company. Most manufacturers have recognized the necessity of adequate financing and marketing programs to support well designed products. As a result MADISON BAY HOLDINGS provides added services with direct involvement in financing and marketing programs, as well as overall management assistance to the client. With most clients, or companies, direct sales, expansion or development of distribution networks and marketing services are included as part of the services provided to clients by MADISON BAY HOLDINGS. The fact is that some of the best designed products within the industry have difficulty or are unable to compete due to lack of knowledge or inability on behalf of the manufacturer to secure proper financing and offer competitive programs to properly develop distribution networks, or a network or retail dealers, either nationally, or internationally. Manufacturers are then unable to offer necessary programs or financing to dealers seeking new products and profit opportunities. Successful, progressive and reliable manufacturers are recognizing these factors and the need to be able to meet all the needs of the dealers. This is definitely the case with boat manufacturers, recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturers, off road manufacturers and other “high dollar” products that require adequate internal and external Commercial Inventory Financing (flooring). MADISON BAY HOLDINGS specializes in providing services that will allow for growth and increased sales or distribution through the establishment of necessary financing and execution of business strategies and acquisition, merger, or diversification. This is accomplished through the offering of the combination of the financial services, direct sales and others services that allow for the establishment and management of the necessary financing or capital. The results provide reduced risk, financial stability, competitive programs and increased sales. The combination of the established financing and programs along with direct sales and marketing services allows for steady, predictable sales, improved operations and increased profit margins. A certain amount of general management consultation is provided as a natural part of these services and may be increased depending upon the desire or need of the manufacturer or client. Direct sales services on an International and domestic basis is a definite area of expertise as well as marketing and management involvement for growth oriented, start up or turnaround companies. Depending upon the needs of the manufacturer or retailer services may be provided on an International basis in virtually any region within the World. Direct sales services or representation may be limited or targeted to a specific territory within the United States, Canada or other foreign countries.

MBH Provides The Following

Business Development Services

1. Merger And Acquisitions 2. Financial Services 3. Venture Capital Procurement 4. Capital Formation 5. Direct Sales 6. Marketing and Management Consulting 7. Product Development

  1. Yacht Boat Design and Development
  2. Health and Wellness Products – Supplements
  3. Recreational Vehicle Development


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