Financial Services

Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. offers a variety of services to developing, growth oriented companies primarily operating in the boating, marine and leisure product industry. Services are provided on a contract basis and clients may elect to utilize all of or a portion of the following services.

Venture Capital Financing, Private Loans, Joint Ventures, Merger and Acquisition

  • If required, or necessary, MB/RR shall provide services to secure venture capital, capital infusion, private loans, joint venture, or other form of financing desired by client.
  • Merger and Acquisition services shall also be provided if desired.

Working Capital Financing

If required or necessary, MB/RR shall be directly involved to provide services to secure new or increased credit lines from new, or existing financial institutions. Services shall include the following:

  • Direct involvement and participation in communications with lenders to propose financing and secure approval.
  • If necessary, preparation of business plan, pro-forma forecasts, etc. shall be prepared by MB/RR

Commercial Inventory Financing-Flooring

Direct involvement and consultation regarding establishment and management of wholesale financing, overall financing, corporate budgets and forecasting.

This may include and not be limited to:

  • Communication and negotiations with finance companies, banks, lending institutions, private capital candidates, etc.
  • Preparation of necessary paperwork, forms, applications, proposals, business plans, etc. Coordination of payments to Manufacturer/Client upon shipment of boats, deposits, etc. during set up period and establishment of Dealer(s), purchase orders, finance approvals and cash flow.
  • Upon establishment of commercial inventory financial lenders, execution of first phase funding MB/RR shall establish sales and marketing programs. Manufacturer/Client’s staff shall perform routine follow up for approvals, co-ordination of documents, etc. MB/RR shall continue to assist overall and in exceptional circumstances
  • Provide continuing management and consultation in corporate development, financial services, sales and marketing, advertising, product development and other areas necessary to increase profits and sales

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