Marketing & Administration

Within guidelines and budgets mutually agreed upon and established by the Manufacturer/Client, MB/RR may take direct involvement and responsibility for certain, specific marketing or advertising projects that directly affect the success and/or sales turnover of Manufacturer/Clients products.

Responsibilities may include but not be limited to involvement in the following categories:

  • Writing and preparation of Dealer Agreements.
  • Preparation of necessary sales order forms to generate sales and specifications for purchase orders.
  • Writing of marketing programs to drive sales from Dealers in accordance with Factory needs.
  • Writing of marketing policies, programs, etc.
  • Establishment of Pricing Policies, strategies, etc.
  • Writing of Dealer Manual, warranty policies, Dealer policies, etc.
  • Establishment of sales forecasts and budgets.
  • Development of sales, marketing and financial programs to meet defined goals.
  • Direct responsibility to see that sales goals are met in accordance with forecasts and stockholder expectations.
  • Direct involvement in product development, product line determination, acquisitions, mergers, etc.
  • Direct involvement in generation of venture capital, operating capital, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.
  • Direct involvement and participation in completion of ultimate sale of company, stock placement(s), Initial Public Offering (IPO), etc.
  • Direct involvement and participation in planning and execution of special events, promotions, etc. such as fishing tournaments, derbies, boat races, etc.

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